Key Systems

There are three different locking types available

Keyed different
Keyed alike
Master keyed
Different Locking: supplied as standard unless otherwise stated. Different key number to the different locks.
Equally lock: listed as KA (keyed alike) when ordering. The same arbitrary number to all ordered the locks.

System lock: listed as MK (master keyed) when ordering. Each lock is unique key number in the series in which senior master key for the series. The master key must be ordered separately in the desired
NOTE: both as locking and locking the system is by order offense.
For larger orders, it is the standard that the customer chooses as locking or system, in order to gain control of key management.

If the customer for security reasons at the behest of likalåsserie wish to have fewer keys than products / locks supplied when dealing Safeware destruction of the number of keys that are not desired.